RajiniENDHIRAN.WAP.SHrajini animMuthu25.9.2010->,Superstar Rajinikanth ENDHIRAN ADVANCE BOOKING STARTS AT 9am from 25.9.2010.Some of thd theateres releasing ENDHIRAN MOVIE ARE GIVEN BELOW:CHENNAI1.    Abirami Multiplexwww.abirami.in – 044 26423377..... 2., Sathyam Cinemas Multiplex / Escape Cinemas-Royapettahwww.thecinema.in – 044 42244224...3,IDreams Cinemawww.idreamcinemas.com – 044 43135599..... 4,Devi Theater Complex, Sangam,www.ticketnew.com...5.,Inox Multiplex- Chennai, Banalore, Mumbai,Hyderabad.www.inoxmovies.com – 044 42658888... 6.,PVR CINEMASwww.pvrcinemas.:7.    (Chennai, Tirupur, Cochin. Bangalore, Mumbai,Hyderabad, BangaloreTiruchy, Hyderabad. Coimbatore, Ernakulam)www.limata.com 2.www.ticketnew.com 3.www.pvrcinemas.com 4.www.inoxmovies.com
Sep 25,2010->SUPER STAR RAJIKANTH movies are meant for records but this time Endhiran has set huge records one by one.Today Endhiran advance booking starts all over tamil nadu,but the tickets for 1st one week have been sold out in 1 hour in 85% of places in tamilnadu.Remaining tickets are expected to be sold out today.Get ready folks.
Upload if you have any rajinikanth video,photos,music or any other fileFiles uploaded by the users:Endhi1ENDHIRAN LANDMARKS:
ENDHIRAN LANDMARKS:.*Will be the first tamil movie to bedistributed by HBO films.*Aishwarya Rai’s 5th tamil film, ironically all of them had A.R. Rahman’s music.*Shankar’s dream project for 10years.*Hollywood special fx studio StanWinston will do the robotic specialfx.*Peter Hayne, the film’s stunt director, almost lost his life on the set, with Shankar nicknaminghim “Peter Pain” at the Endhiran audio launch.*The 8th A.R. Rahman-Shankar film.*The second consecutive Rajini-Shankar film.*The most expensive tamil and indian film ever made.*The soundtrack was the first ever tamil soundtrack to top itunes for world albums..*The film set a record for highest foreign prints sold.*The first film with double acting Rajini’s since Muthu.*Ironically the two films Shankar has directed with the lead actor in double roles: Jeans and Endhiran, both featured Aishwarya Rai as the lead actress!Endhiran.*Originally was to be made with Kamal Hassan and Preity Zinta in the leads.*The audio launch was the biggest in tamil history.*Some scenes of the film were shot in Machu Pichu, a historical site not usualy allowed to be used for shooting.*Endhiran will be the last film that Rajini will play a youthful character, as his films after will feature him in roles closer to his age.*The final song Arima Arima will will feature a reported 100 Rajinis.
E21E19Endh18Endh17Endhi9Endhi8Endhi6Endhi3BannerrajinikanthRajinikanthEndhira2018-04-26 01:34Endhiran will be released in 2000 screens worldwide.,the highest ever for a tamil film.The film will be released in 300 screens outside India including Newyork,Texas,California,washington in America and all the major cities in the world, which is largest world wide release after spiderman.The Names of Theatersreleasing Enthiran Movie in Chennai, which includes Satyam (3), Devi (2), Express Cinemas (3), Inox (2), Abirami (4), Sangam(2), Albert (2), Udhayam (3), Kamala (2), PVR (5), IDreams, Maharani and few others. ThereTheaters were under Chennai Limit.Other Circles around Chennai includes Kasi, Brindha, Thyagaraja, Devi Karumari, Mayajal, Brindavan & Rakhi. Additionally 40 other Theaters included the list above.Most Importantly, Mayajaal Cineplex with 10 Screens have planned for 60 Shows of Enthiran everyday.One of the wonderful joke by anantha vikatan mazagine on the front page that rajini has become old,rajini fans call it as one of the world wonderful joke.ENTHIRAN PUNCH DIALOUGUE:ENTHIRAN PUNCH DIALOGUE: VAZHKAI KODUPPAVAN VAKKAALAN.,'VAAIKKARISI PODURAVAN VETPALAN',.'ARTHASASTHARAM UNGA VAZHI.DHARMASASTHARAM ENGA VAZI'.,'ARASIYALIL ENDRUMAE NAAN NIRAYUTHAPANI'....This is the punch dialogue in endhiran.Ithu epadi iruku ,ithu endhiran punch.the boss
Tata docoma and reliance have called tamilnadu people to celebrate endhiran with them by introducing posters in every cell phone shop in tamilndu.Rajini's daughter soundarya's marriage held last week.She married one of the famous industrialist Aswin.Many actors and politicians visited their marriage.Some of the gentelemens are vijaykanth,kamalhasan,siranjivi,sarathkumar,amitabachan,padmini,karunanithy,vaiko,and rajini son in law dhanush and many more persons.style(endhiran.wap.sh).gif

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The latest survey conducted by loyola college says that neary 4 crore people were rajinikanth fans in tamilnadu.
rajinkanth is ready for the movie BATCHA 2.The reports came that the movie will be dubbed to english and it will be directed by bharani,but the fans of rajinkanth were angry with bharani ,as bharani spoke about rajinkanth wrongly meanwhile.One sad news for rajinikanth fans is rajinikanth have decided not to act in young role after the film endhiran,but his fans want to continue to act in young role,many people were disappointed.Will rajini go with his fans suggestion.Let us see after the movie endhiran,but we want rajinikanth always young.
Director murugadoss has next story for rajinikanth,but rajini wants his next film to be directed by pyramid saymira groups
September 7,2010. The latest news is that endhiran will be released on september 24,2010.Most fans were disappointed by hearing this news,because rajini fans expected endhiran movie release in diwali.Any how superstar rajinikanth movie will be mega hit whenever it is released.
September,9,2010:Endhiran movie booking have been started in chicago,a theatre named illanes in chicago will host endhiran movie.Not only in chicago ,in tamilnadu many theatre are trying to get endhiran movie rights eagerly.Recently dhanlashmi theatre in thirukoiloor(villupuram district,tamilnadu)has brought endhiran movie rights.Endhiran movie postors are placed in many places in that theatre.Soon more theateres in tamilnadu which are all going to release endhiran movie details will be posted in this site(endhiran.wap.sh)
Endhiran last day shooting photos with fans celebration
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————Irumbile oru Irudhaiyaml Song Lyrics – Enthiran Movie————You want to seal my kissboy you can’t touch thiseverybody… hypnotic hypnotic…super sonic…super star can’t can’t can’t getthisIrumbile or iruthayam mulaikutheymuthalmurai kathal azhaikuthopoojiyam ondrodupoovasam indroduminmeengal vinnoduminnalgal kannodugoogle-kal kanadhathedalgal ennodukaalangal kaana kathalpen poove unnoduiRobo un kathilI love you sollatta?…I am a super girlun kathal rapper girlennulle ennellamneethane neethaneun neela kannoramminsaram paripenen neela pallale en neela pallaleunnodu siripenen engine nenjoduun nenjai anaipennee thoongum nerathilnaan ennai anaipenennaalum eppodhumun kayil bommaiyavenwatch me robo shake iti know you want to break itthottu pesum podhumshock adikka koodum kathal seiyum nerammotor vegam koodumiravil naduvil battery than theerummemoryil kumariyaithani sirai pidithenshutdown-ne seiyyamaliravinil ellam theya theyanaalum unnai padithenunnale thane – envithikalai maranthenechil illa endhan muthamsarchai indrik kolvaya?rattham illa kathal endruotthi poga solvaya?uyiriyal mozhikalil Enthiran thanadiulaviyil mozhikalil indhiran naanadisathal illa saabam vaangimanmele vandhene theimaname illakathal kondu vandhene…Hey… Robo… mayakathey…you wanna come and get it boyOh are you just a robo toyI don’t want to break youeven if it takes tokind of like a break throughyou don’t even need a clueyou be my man’s back up you be my man’s back upi think you need a checkupi can melt your heart downmay be if you got onewe doing that for agessince in time of sagesmuttadhey oramponee en kaalaisutthum paambokathal seiyum robonee thevaiyillai po po————endhiran.wap.shvisits today:2endhiran shoutbox(say or request any rajinikant mp3,videos,news,photos etc)

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